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Soap type S2 • 40g
  • Soap type S2 • 40g

    • Content: 40 g Round Soap 
    • Packaging: Transparent or white with padprinted logo.
    • MOQ: The Minimum Order Quantity for this packaging is 20.000 pcs.





    • Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (applies to BG deliveries only). Reverse charge invoice will be issued for sale in U.E. It is necessary to provide a valid VAT number. For purchase as a private individual, the invoice will be issued with a 20% VAT.


    • For bespoke orders we will endeavor to deliver your goods within 30-60 days. It is necessary to provide the logo in CDR or EPS format. If you do not have a logo yet or wish to renew it, we can support you. For more information please visit the "Graphic Design" section.


    • Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on any of our products or indeed if you would like help about a product featured on the Site. All you need to do is get in touch via



    Avaible fragrances:


    • Magnolia
    • Citrus Sinensis
    • Pinus Sylvestris
    • Amaris
    • Cinnamon
    • Olive & Avocado
    • Sea Flowers



    Special exfoliating!

    In order to obtain a delicate exfoliating effect, the essences listed above can be supplied on request and without extra charge as follows:


        1. Almond Oil & Loofah

        2. Almond Oil & Scrub

        3. Argan Oil & Phyto-Peel

        4. Argan Oil & Chia

        5. Oat Bran

        6. Olive Oil & Scrub



    • At Hotel Line Ltd we understand that sometimes products need to be tried before you buy and we are more than happy to send you fragrances samples sets. If you would like samples you can purchase them in the "Sampling" section.
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