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Shoe Shine Sponge
  • Shoe Shine Sponge

    Reseable Shoe Shine Sponge in plastic for room service.

    We can arrange for these Shoe Shine Sponge to be printed with your logo or a bespoke message if you'd like. You can find it in bespoke products.


    • Colour:  White
    • Outer diameter: 60mm
    • Internal diameter: 53mm
    • Packaging: Reseable plastic box with sticky label.


    The Hotel Line Collection products are available in stock and ready for delivery.
    Shipping within two working days.



    Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (applies to BG deliveries only).

    Reverse charge invoice will be issued for sale in U.E.

    It is necessary to provide a valid VAT number.

    For purchase as a private individual, the invoice will be issued with a 20% VAT.

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