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Collection №4 • Paper bag with string closure

Collection №4 • Paper bag with string closure

One of the things we offer, above and beyond the norm, is the ability to provide a range of great quality ‘Bespoke Products’, specially tailored for your hotel.

We’ve been in the Hotel Supplies Business for a good while now and we’ve come to realise that the personal touch is something that hotel guests truly hanker after.  Being able to provide customised amenities can set your establishment apart from the rest.  Supplying high quality goods to your guests is also a simple route to promotion whether you provide them as standard, give them as gifts or sell them through your hotel shop.


There are plenty of items from our range that we can personalise for you by adding your hotel logo, a bespoke message or by sourcing a specific colour.

We’ve built up a network of suppliers who can work to a wide range of order quantities so whether you run an exclusive boutique or a large scale hotel chain, we can provide great quality bespoke, promotional and branded guest products to required timescales and at very competitive prices.


Proposed content can be arranged upon request and customized to suit your needs.
The packaging is available in the following solutions:

1. Matt cardboard box

2. Laminated cardboard box (increases water resistance)
3. Premium structured cardboard box

Different color solution are possible. Please enter any aesthetic preferences in the space provided.





  • Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (applies to BG deliveries only). Reverse charge invoice will be issued for sale in U.E. It is necessary to provide a valid VAT number. For purchase as a private individual, the invoice will be issued with a 20% VAT.


  • For bespoke orders we will endeavor to deliver your goods within 30-60 days. It is necessary to provide the logo in CDR or EPS format. If you do not have a logo yet or wish to renew it, we can support you. For more information please visit the "Graphic Design" section.


  • Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on any of our products or indeed if you would like help about a product featured on the Site. All you need to do is get in touch via


Standard contents are as followings:


  1. Shower Cap
  2. Standard Vanity Kit (Cotton Buds + Cotton Discs)
  3. Premium Vanity Kit (Cotton Buds + Cotton Discs + Nail File)
  4. Sewing Kit
  5. Shaving Kit
  6. Dental Kit
  7. Plastic Comb
  8. Wooden Comb
  9. Condom
  10. Combo Kit (Shower Cap + Premium Vanity Kit + Sewing Kit + Shaving Kit)
  11. Shoehorn
  12. Shoe Shine Sponge, rounded diamenter 45mm
  13. Shoe Shine Sponge, rounded diamenter 55mm
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