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Blister №22B • 15 ml ► Disposable packaging not resealable
  • Blister №22B • 15 ml ► Disposable packaging not resealable

    This single packaging it's nice and practical but very economical solution to offer your guests a beautifully packaged toiletry products. The packaging is very smart and will look much better then single use sachet, presented in your hotel bathroom, ready for your guests to use.



    Single use packaging not resealable!



    • Content: 15ml
    • Closure: Single-use not resealable
    • Blister dimension: 90x53x10mm
    • Printing type: 1 color pad printing





    • The price does not include the cost for cliché. This is a one-off cost. Future orders for the same product and with the same logo will be purchased by you without any additional cost for cliché as we will keep it in our archive. Clichés can be purchased separately in the appropriate section. Differently they will be counted according to the products you have purchased and your logo specifications, and the amount for clichès will be sent to you to be integrated. The cost of the clichés is 20.00 € for each type of product and for each logo color. Pay attention to the maximum number of colors for the chosen bottle type, ranging from 1 to 3.


    • For bespoke orders we will endeavor to deliver your goods within 30-60 days. It is necessary to provide the logo in CDR or EPS format. If you do not have a logo yet or wish to renew it, we can support you. For more information please visit the "Graphic Design" section.


    • Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on any of our products or indeed if you would like help about a product featured on the Site. All you need to do is get in touch via



    Available fragrances:


    • Lotus
    • Peach Blossom
    • Sea Flowers
    • Acqua Love
    • Lady Cool
    • Black Cherries
    • Aloe
    • Citrus Sinensis
    • Olive
    • Pinus Sylvestris
    • Rose Garden



    * Essences and colors of the content can be chosen with 2.000 pcs MOQ. For quantity less then 2.000 pcs they have to be chosen from those already in production at the time of the order, which will be communicated after purchase.


    • At Hotel Line Ltd we understand that sometimes products need to be tried before you buy and we are more than happy to send you bottle and fragrances samples sets. If you would like to see samples you can purchase them in the "Sampling" section.
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